Indianapolis, IN, USA

25+ Solar Model Cars Built

Million Solar Stars has teamed up with Indy race car driver Stefan Wilson to promote his #ThinkSolar campaign to bring solar to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the world’s largest, single-day racing event—the Indianapolis 500.

A Million Solar Stars Ambassador, Stefan Wilson is also an advocate for cutting-edge and common sense applications of solar energy in our communities and on the racetrack. Stefan’s #ThinkSolar campaign challenges the advancements in racing technology of the next century to incorporate solar energy. The goal is twofold:

  1. Be the first Indianapolis 500 race car driver to solar power essential racing equipment such as communications technology and pit stands where engineering computers provide vital car monitoring, diagnostics and setup changes.
  2. Introduce a STEM- (science, technology, engineering and math) based solar challenge in schools to help inspire the next brilliant solar champion.

Students Drive Participation and Awareness

Students anywhere in the world can participate with Million Solar Stars and Stefan Wilson through the Junior Solar Sprint program (middle school) or the Solar Rollers program (high school). Contact us if you are a school, teacher, instructor or individual interested in joining the Million Solar Stars racing team.