million solar stars
million solar stars
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Solar Star

Give the gift of solar lights and model cars, or submit a wish to receive these items.

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Solar Star Pledge

Join Jane Goodall and others to help us reach one million Solar Star Pledge signatures.

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Solar Star Challenge

This annual event engages students to design, test, and compete with solar models and projects.


To engage one million students in the process of scaling up solar power at 100% of schools globally. We believe it’s smart to invest in the development of student leadership and STEAM skills.  And connecting schools with cleantech resources is good for education, the environment, and the long-term economics of our learning institutions.

Solar Star Pledges Taken

Solar Reading Lights Provided

Solar Models Designed and Built

kW Solar Power Installed at Schools

Students Raising Awareness and Support for Solar Power

Solar Star Challenge

The Solar Star Challenge engages students to design, test, compete, and celebrate the scaling up of solar power technologies. Students build solar models to race and showcase, as well as create action plans to install pilot and commercial solar arrays at schools.