To engage one million students in the process of scaling up solar power at 100% schools globally.


Million Solar Stars (MSS) inspires students and educators to scale up solar power at schools around the world. We believe investing in the development of student leadership and STEAM skills is smart, and connecting schools with solar resources is good for education, the environment, and the long-term economics of our learning institutions.

Involving students in the process of deploying solar power prepares our youth with skills to become the clean energy workforce necessary for a rapid transition to the clean energy economy. With CleanTech industry supporters, celebrities, influencers, and everyday stars, we are fast-tracking solutions to some of the world’s greatest challenges. Align with Million Solar Stars and power our greatest resource – the creativity of our youth. The Students are the Stars!

jane goodall
Dr. Jane Goodall presents Million Solar Stars students with an Award at the Roots & Shoots UAE Awards, Abu Dhabi, 2018.

“Solar power is going to be absolutely essential to meeting growing energy demands while staving off climate change.”

– Ramez Naam, Clean Energy Advocate, and Award-Winning Author

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, electricity production was responsible for the largest share of greenhouse gas emissions of any sector at 29% in 2015. Ramping up the engagement of students in the process of expanding solar installations reduces carbon emissions while providing innovative, real-world learning opportunities, and offers considerable long-term financial savings for schools.


Adam Hall

Adam Hall, M.S.

Chief Star Organizer & Executive Director

Mr. Hall inspires students, educators, and community members to participate in clean energy learning activities through the Solar Star Challenge. As a science teacher and impact-driven social entrepreneur, he works with students to develop STEAM leadership skills with a focus on accelerating the transition to a clean energy economy. Adam works with students, educators, business leaders, policymakers, and celebrities to leverage resources to scale up solar power technologies at schools globally. Read more >

Alexis Graves

Alexis C. Graves, MA Ed., PSM

Board Secretary

Ms. Graves brings a wealth of experience and expertise, making her an invaluable addition to our organization. With a strong background as an International School Administrator, Teacher, Community Outreach Leader, Children’s Book Author, Public Speaker, and an Experienced Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Research, Alexis is well-equipped to contribute significantly to our mission.


  • Bachelor of Arts in Sociology
  • Bachelor of Social Work
  • Masters in Special Education

Alexis’s dedication and commitment have resulted in significant contributions to Million Solar Stars (MSS), particularly in advising program development and enhancing the quality of the Solar Star Challenge.

As a dedicated member of the MSS Board, Alexis plays a pivotal role in providing administrative support, governance assistance, and strategic guidance to the organization. Her diverse skill set and wealth of experience make her an invaluable asset to our team.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Administrative Support: to ensure the smooth functioning of the board and organizational operations. This includes coordinating meetings, managing correspondence, and assisting with documentation and record-keeping.

  • Governance Assistance: by participating in board meetings, offering insights on policy matters, and helping to uphold ethical standards and best practices within the organization.

  • Strategic Guidance: With her expertise in research, teaching, leadership, and community outreach, Alexis offers strategic guidance to Million Solar Stars. She plays a vital role in shaping organizational strategies, initiatives, and decision-making processes to advance our mission and goals.

Alexis’s dedication and commitment to our cause are evident in her proactive involvement and contributions to Million Solar Stars. We are grateful for her expertise and passion as we work together to make a positive impact in the field of clean energy education.